[Bf-committers] 3D Cursor and Border Select

Dan Eicher dan at trollwerks.org
Sun Mar 4 08:41:04 CET 2012

I use the 3d cursor all the time -- it's a very powerful feature once
you know how to 'correctly' use it -- but rarely, if ever, use LMB to
set it. Mostly I just use my pie menu script that mirrors the shift+S
menu when I'm in that mode since there isn't really a good/fast way to
set it and the built-in menu kind of sucks ass when doing a lot of 3d
cursor work (for stuff like snapping bones' head/tails and such).

My opinion is that it shouldn't be hidden for the 'benefit' of noobs
because there's a lot of power that will be lost to them without
having to go through all the trouble of finding some check box in some
random panel to turn it on. Kind of like the 'lock view to cursor'
feature, how many people can say they even know it exists since it's
hidden away in the N panel View settings -- honestly I totally forgot
about it myself before reading this discussion and I wrote the patch
(not that I'm saying it should be more visible/accessible, just using
it as an example of a 'hidden' feature)...

OTOH LMB select for cursor placement should be reconsidered since
using the LMB to set the cursor would suggest it is a *very* important
operation (LMB being one of the main UI input methods) while it is
mostly not a practical method for accurate/usable placement (2d mouse
pointer + 3d view matrix + 3d cursor previous position == not usually
what you want unless you specifically know that's what you want (ie,
in one of the named view modes)).

Setting it to double-click LMB would open up that UI input method to
something which really is a *very* important operation (like regular
select without all the RMB Select Dogma -- not that I care about that


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