[Bf-committers] Different Edge Colors for Meshes?

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sat Jun 30 15:13:09 CEST 2012

I like that idea. I would like to go one step further and
propose the function:

- mark current selection with custom color

With that function we could instantly support a whole
lot of usage scenarios like:

- select objects  -> visual mark with custom color
- select all duplicate vertices -> visual mark with custom color
- select loose edges and vertices -> ...
- etc ...

It would also be nice to have multiple custom colors.
But just one would already be very useful i think.


On 30.06.2012 14:01, Tobias Oelgarte wrote:
> In a current project i need to construct a mesh in between curves
> (meshes with edges) of different objects. But it is very hard  to
> distinguish the curves from each other or the current model from the
> curves. Is there a way to give the edges of different meshes/objects a
> different color?
> If not, could this be added as an display option for the object? I would
> really like to see this more or less simple feature.
> Greetings from
> Tobias Oelgarte
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