[Bf-committers] The Future of Blender Projects WAS meeting notes

CoDEmanX codemanx at gmx.de
Sun Jun 24 21:54:45 CEST 2012

1.) I'd like to see some improvements for 2.5D creation. Ideally, 
Blender would work similar to Adobe AfterEffects.

Composing movie clips and FX should become very intuitive, especially by 
a new properties editor, which would support group manipulation (values 
adjustable simultaneously).

It should support easy Fade in / out for clips etc., to be the better 
alternative to Windows Movie Maker Live (it would be portable!!!)

2.) There could be some sort of class, which IO addons would derive to 
store per-addon settings permanently. In User prefs > Addons, each addon 
would get its own "Settings" button to open a preferences dialog. Users 
would set default paths and stuff here.

3.) IO addons should be able to register their supported import file 
extensions. Dragging & dropping and OBJ onto Blender for instance, would 
import the dropped OBJ (either directly or showing a popup with import 
settings first).

4.) TODOS, like image file drag'n'drop to material image and multiple 
objects (un)parenting in outliner :)

5.) Image editor with repeat setting on should not cap the maximum tiles 
drawn, but rather fill the entire screen (either faster code, or 
progressive drawing...)

6.) +1 for investigations on a merged view of all 2D screens (uv, image, 
movie, mask...)

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