[Bf-committers] The Future of Blender Projects WAS meeting notes

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 19:44:11 CEST 2012

> I really would like to see a stabilizing phase that concentrates on
> refactoring and documentation, while at the same time fixing various
> postponed issues. 2.49b was nearly rock stable, 2.5 was a pain at first
> but got better over time and was quite stable with 2.6.2 or so, even if
> i have to admit that not all design goals for 2.5 were reached (still a
> lot of dependency issues). But recently i noticed several new bugs
> introduced through bloated code (mainly because of various fixes/hacks).
> The 3D view is a good example. One bug gets fixed two new bugs arise.
> I would assume that there were to many new big things included at once
> in a too short time window, while many needed things/fixes moved onto
> the todo lists.
> I'm happy that we have cycles now. But at the same time I'm a bit
> frustrasted because of the dependency: Why would i need a good renderer
> if several bugs keep me from creating the models and animations needed
> for a good looking render?

Ya, cycles is cool but a major pain to work with at this point. I was
trying to paint an image texture with it and you have to save the
texture to disk just to get it to show up on the render and that is
just plane confusing at first. Then there are a bunch of little bugs
and it kept crashing on me as I work but I could not seem to get it to
do it consistently and still have not posted a bug yet, just ran into
random crashes.

I feel that we have reached a point of needing a major smoothing and
sanding of blender. Not fun but it has reached the point of not being
my fav program to work with because of all these small problems. It is
starting to have the feel of Kubuntu, also a former fav until it
rotted into a painful experience (This rot also started with a quicker
turn around time).

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