[Bf-committers] What about adding "custom markers" to the 3D Editor ...

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sun Jun 24 01:52:25 CEST 2012

we have Seam markers.
And we have sharp markers.
Both markers colorize edges.

Now i found a couple of scenarios where i think that these markers
can be generalised to "custom markers":

A custom marker would colorise the selected vertices/edges/faces with
a marker color just like it is done for seams... This could be used for 
situations like:

- Select all ngons, then mark these with a custom marker.
- Search all vertices which have not been weighted,
   mark them with another custom marker.
- Select all duplicates, then mark them ...

These markers could for example be used by automated consistence check tools
in order to mark error spots on a mesh or for whatever comes to mind...

It should also be possible to select all elements which are marked with a
custom marker...

Actually i stumbled over something similar when i watched this video:


Would such a marker system make sense to be implemented in Blender ?
And if not in blender would it make sense to add some python API
functions for colorising vertices, edges and faces righ in the editor, so we
could implement custom markers by our self in python ?

Seams and sharp edge markers seem to be just 2 special cases of that ...


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