[Bf-committers] replace of the "Export for Second Life" option in the Collada exporter

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sat Jun 23 13:38:02 CEST 2012


Since release 2.62 we have an option in the Collada exporter
named "Export for Second Life". This option has been added
because blender's armature exports did not work at all with
the Second Life Importer. So the necessary modifications have
been added to the Blender exporter and bound to that option.

I dislike the fact that this button shows up with an unrelated
product name clearly visible in the Blender GUI.

Hence i propose to rename this option to something that
describes what it does instead of telling for whom it is done :)

The functionality behind that option was explained to me as
"Bake rotation matrices" . Now i am not at all familiar with the
armature system, so i actually can not judge about the naming.

Ironically an export which was exported with that option can be
nicely imported to Maya and it even can be imported back to
Blender itself (although with some issues) So it looks like it does
something more correct than Blender's original collada export.
I am not sure about the implications of that either...

Please let me know your opinion about that. I am willing to change
this option's name to whatever makes sense as soon as possible
(for Blender 2.64)


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