[Bf-committers] Temporary "global" storage

Jorge Rodriguez jorge at lunarworkshop.com
Thu Jun 21 09:52:43 CEST 2012

I need a place where I can put a UI-related temporary variable for storing
things such as what was the last button pressed and when did the last
tooltip close. It must be in some scope that's visible to and accessible by
all controls. I can't put it in RNA because those things are stored to the
hard drive, and these things are runtime-related and shouldn't be stored. I
don't want to make a global variable because that's obviously sloppy. There
doesn't seem to be any UI-related area to place stuff that should be
visible to all controls but not stored on the hard drive. If I can solve
this problem then I should be able to immediately remove two things from my

Jorge "Vino" Rodriguez
jorge at lunarworkshop.com
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