[Bf-committers] a couple of bugfixes

Philipp Oeser info at graphics-engineer.com
Sun Jun 17 13:13:15 CEST 2012

Hi list!

I've spent some time in the bugtracker as a personal learning experience
the last days and have some fixes/patches ready.

I was admitedly cherry-picking easy ones but want to work more on the
tracker to tackle harder tasks in the future as well.

I know everyone is busy but as we are approaching Bcon4 I would ask if
someone can have a look at them for inclusion.

Some of them are pretty straight forward but some I am not sure if the
provided suggestions/patches are the best solution. So I am happy to
hear of better solutions.

So here they are:

[#31842] Proportional Editing Significant Glitch, Object Mode

part of [#31840] Quick Explode Bugs related to it's fade option

[#31838] Console error with particle Child Simplification is enabled.

[#31835] OBJ Importer corrupts a model (crash in edit mode)

[#31831] obj import name

[#31825] 3D View Editor Header > Object > Game > Copy Properties
affecting other commands.

[#31801] OBJ importer doesn't import smoothing groups as sharp edges

[#31755] fix missing redraw in space_buttons when grouping objects (CTRL

I try to be around in IRC more often now but sometimes only have limited
internet access (over phone) at the weekends...


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