[Bf-committers] Point cache Import

Thomas Volkmann thomas at heulfritze.de
Thu Jun 7 14:54:38 CEST 2012

What with collada wasn't working for you? If you didn't get anything in at all
or if Blender kept on crashing, maybe modifying the .dae file could solve this:
 (check the latest comments)
If you are exporting from Max or some older Maya you can try this plugin:
http://opencollada.org/download.html <http://opencollada.org/download.html>

Other than that there is a experimental .fbx import in the Blender addons, which
never worked for me.


Christophe Leyder <shotalot at gmail.com> hat am 7. Juni 2012 um 14:23 geschrieben:

> Hey all, we're trying to import an animated mesh into Blender from
> Softimage for smoke simulation, Collada isnt working at all and FBX isnt
> there. The only thing thats left is a point cache (.pc2), but I cant find
> the importer anywhere, has it been dropped?
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