[Bf-committers] Masks are not only for Mattes

José Ricarte ricarte at aixalanca.com
Tue Jun 5 18:40:17 CEST 2012

    I think the mask editor could be more generic:
    Consider a mask as a raster 2D vector image input, could be edited
    only in the UV/image editor as a "vectorial image" ( with the
    possibility to view a video/image backdrop) adding the current tools
    of the 2d bezier curve ( shape keys, modifiers..), not in the video
    editor as a mask (now the video editor is full of tracking information).
    Later could be a start development of vectorial textures, and if you
    add the ability to rasterize color and edges (antigrain lib), and 2D
    bones, we have the possibility of 2D animations finally!! (flsh,
    Anime Studio...), animated vector textures, toon, and 2D FX


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