[Bf-committers] Project 2D mesh/curves to another mesh using UV map?

Leonard Ritter paniq at paniq.org
Sat Jun 2 15:30:17 CEST 2012

Hi there,

I'm writing to this list because I have not been able to find an
answer through the manual, Google, the Blender artists forum and IRC.

I'm looking for a way to deform 2D meshes/curves (from e.g. an
imported SVG) so that they provide surface texture to a target mesh,
using the target meshes UV Map. The idea is to use sharply defined
meshes instead of images to texture surfaces. We want to use the
technique within the game engine for a particular art style we have in
mind. Currently we just plaster imported meshes on surfaces, but that
proved to be rather difficult with more complex surfaces. Here is an
example screenshot from the BGE game
- note that the bridge is largely flat... if the bridge was flat or
had more slopes, the task of texturing the bridge with meshes would be
too huge to manage.)

Now, I'm planning to write a script for this myself if the
functionality were not available, but first I really want to make sure
I'm not wasting my time here.

Could you possibly tell me if the feature was available in some form already?



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