[Bf-committers] blender UI state

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Wed Jan 18 12:33:09 CET 2012

about a year ago I wanted to start a discussion about the UI of blender, also making some proposals.
While the UI recode project brought some really nice changes, I was very surprised that the project somehow stopped somewhere in the middle. In between work has been done on issues like antialiasing and some minor details in the ui, while the big issues are largely ignored. So I would like to ask what are the reasons. Was there no more time or will to finish the UI project? Sincerely, I consider blender UI very cluttered and not much more effective on the user side. Of course, code - wise the changes are beautifull, allowing so much easier integration of scripts and a lot more.
Issues I am talking about are mainly - 
no tabs, endless scrolling and inconsistent height of ui thanks to the folding of various panels and even changing the order of the panels(with tablet very easily accidental).
last operator area and tool area conflicting - neither one has reasonable space, looks like a bad joke and forces you go fullscreen and back all the time.
lots of stuff in the  n-key areas, which basically replace and duplicate property window functionality.
right-click menus and preset system are other of the todos of the project I remember...

. Of course I appreciate the work of the coders and I see the constant improvement also in the UI area, just would like to start at least a little discussion about this.
Vilem Novak


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