[Bf-committers] Remove Frameserver

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Mon Aug 6 20:20:59 CEST 2012

Hi Sergey,

> I would say if frameserver (in his current state) is still helpful for
> some usages, let's keep it as is for at least a while. If it's buggy /
> unstable/ unusable i would rather either completely remove it or at 
> least IFDEF it.

AFAIK, it works, currently.

> Even if some tool could be useful for somebody, we should either deliver it
> in a useful way or not try to deliver it at all. 

The code worked and isn't that bad IMHO. The only thing, that went wrong,
was a small glitch that slipped in while upgrading the frameserver to
new rendering API.

The biggest problem was probably the fact, that I don't do a lot advertisement
for the VSE, so noone uses Blender as a video editor.

And since I stopped creating DVDs several years ago, the problem went
completely unnoticed for me.

> In other words it's about quality of tools, not quantity
> of them. 

I don't think, that we had serious quality issues with the frameserver.
At least, I haven't heard of any? AFAIK, we were talking of a small regression
that was unnoticed?

> Do not forget that blender is mainly 3d modeling/rendering
> application, not a video editor, so lack of some specific for video editor 
> tools doesn't seem to be problem here for me.

I hope you don't mind, if I disagree.

Blender tries to offer a complete pipeline from start to end in a professional
and fully integrated way for free. 

Why the end of the pipeline should be less important than the beginning
I don't really understand.

And, as I already tried to explain: if you want to render long videos for DVD
output, I'm pretty sure, you either don't use blender for that or you'll need to
use the frameserver...

> Another question is -- if frameserver would be decided to be kept, who's
> gonna to maintain it? Think neither me nor Campbell or Brecht would have time to
> work on frameserver, but as Thomas mentioned we still do have reports about that
> area.

Certainly true, but: no one assigned a frame server bug to me
(the one fixed, also wasn't assigned to me) and: I can't find any bugs in
the bug tracker regarding the frameserver.

> So, any volunteers?

Please assign bugs in the current code to me.

And: as I mentioned, if someone finds time to write a python add-on replacement,
please go ahead.


Peter Schlaile

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