[Bf-committers] API: How to get a list of running scripts?

Remigiusz Fiedler migius at gmx.net
Thu Apr 12 19:10:44 CEST 2012

> how about incrementing a global variable each frame?
> Can a new instance wait one frame and then actually launch if the
> value of the variable hasn't changed?
my scripts are triggered by "Redraw" not by "Frame change", so i have
thought about time stamps and delay value checks, but it is not
reliable, because the idle periods may be unpredictable long.

> Anyway, seems like I'm the only one responding to this thread, and I'm
> in no way an expert... Have you tried to ask main developers in the
> IRC directly?
asked Campbell, and the answer is, 2.49 API doesn't support this.
Though it should be easy to extend - i have to look at
Blender.Scene.getScriptLinks() method.

> As I've learned recently, in 2.63 (or maybe even 2.6+), there are
> bpy.app.handlers.scene_update_pre and
> bpy.app.handlers.scene_update_post -- these event handlers are invoked
> each frame (not sure if this behavior will persist, though). It's
> possible to get the list of the handlers, so I guess in recent Blender
> versions your idea can be implemented.
i am keeping my eyes on 2.6, but awaiting significant moves in UI+API
area after bmesh integration at first.

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