[Bf-committers] API: How to get a list of running scripts?

Remigiusz Fiedler migius at gmx.net
Wed Apr 11 12:24:03 CEST 2012

yes, i meant Python API,
and particularly 2.49 API.

Global variables (like Blender.myvariable) are perfect for
script-to-script communication but there seems to be no way to
update/delete them when the script cancels unexpectedly (by
user_cancel or by errors).

2012/4/11 Dima Glibitsky <dima.glib at gmail.com>:
> Do you mean the Python API? Seems like it's not possible yet... But I
> guess in your case, you can just have a global variable in the script
> (or add some property to a WindowManager) and set it to True/False
> accordingly.

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