[Bf-committers] 3DsMax editable poly like toolset

Mariusz Komorowski komorra at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 19:41:17 CEST 2012


After long time of inactivity, I decided to do something in Blender.
So I've downloaded SVN - everything works perfect with VS2008 at first time,
so big thanks to everyone here :)

I have idea to do something like editable poly stack panel in 3DStudioMax
in Blender.
For me very useful is for exemple extruding edges and vertices in Max style
(with the
'extrusion base' topology, not just simple extruding, I can give a photo
of this if someone will be interested).

So I have some questions:
1. Is this good idea to do at first task, or there is something 'more
    similar to it?
2. Has someone started such a feature already?
3. Which will better to do that: C Api or Python Api? (Now I think that
Python will
   be enough to do this)
4. When I'm done who generally to contact to?

Thanks in advance for answers.

In detail these toolset will include:
- extrude (on vertex, edge, polygon)
- bevel (on vertex, edge, polygon)
- chamfer
- inset
- connect
- and maybe something more (I'm open for proposals)

Best regards,


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