[Bf-committers] User Interface Tasklist Proposal

Jorge Rodriguez jorge at lunarworkshop.com
Sun Apr 1 07:15:23 CEST 2012

After speaking more closely with some Blender developers I have withdrawn
my previous proposal and formulated a draft of a new proposal. This
proposal assembles a list of user interface items to work on from the Wiki,
from bug reports, from interactions I have had with some Blender community
members, and from my own personal pet peeves, mostly usability-related
improvements and bug fixes.


Essentially the proposal is for me to be a janitor for a few months. My
goal is at the end of the project Blender will be much more fluid and
easier to use and understand for both new and existing users. I would love
to see feedback and thoughts, but please remember that items in this list
are not final and are at the discretion of the Blender team, including my
would-be mentor. If you have something you would like to see on the list, I
would like to hear it.

Jorge "Vino" Rodriguez
jorge at lunarworkshop.com
twitter: VinoBS

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