[Bf-committers] changes in translation (no more .pot in trunk) was: hi all

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 04:21:05 CEST 2011

Hi Yousef

I updated the .pot (and .po's) in the blender-translation page yesterday
(before Campbell's commit).
I will update it again later today, in case Campbell's commit has added new

To merge .po's we do not rely on svn, but in the msgmerge software (which is
part of gettext). It's supposed to manage those things. The reason why
Campbell removed the .pot is that we don't really need this file permanently
and it's really easy to re-generate it when we want to update the .po's and
generate the .mo's.

In fact I committed gettext binaries under
/lib/win[dows|64]/binaries/gettext so it becomes easy to update then in
windows as well.

By the way, the current .mo file of trunk is using the flipped arabic .po
you created. It's based on trunk's po though, since we still need to collect
all the .pos from the branches to commit to trunk (Cong Cong was going to do
that, otherwise I can do). It's important to keep the .po "unflipped"
though, otherwise merging will be hell. I still would like to have a 100%
python solution for this (may I can help with that?). So it can be part of
our language building tools.

I hope that answered part of your question.
Please test the update of your .po and let me know how it goes.

(renamed the email for clarity sakes ;)

2011/9/29 Yousef Hurfoush <bat3a at msn.com>

> HI all
> by campbellbarton
> Date:     Thu Sep 29 17:19:51 2011 UTC (3 hours, 28 minutes ago)
> Log Message:
> remove the pot and messages file, they change too much with only minor
> changes to the source and can be regenerated.
> Now i'm translating using the pot model from the GSoC from Google project,
> and i almost done a 1000 phrase,  :o
> how i'm going to merge it to the new one if it changed too much???
> any help will be appreciated
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