[Bf-committers] Wiki upgrade 2011

Francesco Siddi francesco.siddi at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 17:12:48 CEST 2011

Hello everyone!
Thanks for your replies and feedback. Before starting to take care of the
bug tracker, I'd like to post a couple of replies.

@Matt Ebb
Thank you! I see your point, but when discussing the redesign I was given
-almost- complete freedom, so I decided to move towards a much lighter color
scheme and layout (requested by almost everyone). Before implementing any
changes I'd like to let some time pass, in order to collect more user

Thank you for posting the issues in the bug tracker, I'll reply there. The
folding sidebar is a feature that has been taken into consideration, but
will require some time to be eventually implemented.

I'm glad you appreciate our work! As I wrote before, I'd like to wait a bit
for possible layout changes. Every item has been placed very carefully after
hours of testing, and I don't want to bore everyone with this, but some wiki
docs will be available about this soon.

Thank you, make sure to report this issue in the bug tracker.

Thanks again to everybody for the warm welcome!


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