[Bf-committers] "howto translate garlic ..." ( request for instructions )

Jass gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Mon Sep 19 17:00:57 CEST 2011


I would like to spend some time on the german translation of Blender. 
But the wiki page is a bit of a problem for me ;-( Maybe a very brief 
step by step instruction could help more ? Here is what i do so far 
hoping i am doing right (maybe someone can confirm that i work as i 
should ...):


- I downloaded Blender from
- I downloaded the language branch from
- I installed the windows version of poedit from

Make the editing easier:

- I copied blender-translation\DE\de.po  to

Now poedit compiles the .mo right in place for Blender
Note: I have to frequently restart Blender. Changing the .mo while
blender is running seems to have evil consequences...


And now sme questions:

1.) When i am in doubt how to make a pyrticular translation, who can i ask ?
2.) When i have finished a part, what is the best way to give it back ?
2b.) Where do i get access permisisons to the repository ?
3.) When others also do changes on the same PO file, i probably have
to update frequently  (svn update ... ) ?
4.) I do not exactly understand the comments about merging from other 
When exactly do i have to do that ?
5.) When i see an already translated line of text which seems wrong to 
me, how shall i proceed ?
6.) Do i have to create a comment for every change i do ?

thanks for any answer on this

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