[Bf-committers] How & When could we support right-to-left languages?

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu Sep 15 19:09:13 CEST 2011


Some pointers for people who like to dive into it:

Issue 1: typing text in buttons

functions called ui_textedit_...

It's all hardcoded to typing L->R now. Selecting, arrow keys same.

Issue 2:
Are numbers typed reverse too? I guess, but they don't draw reverse  

Issue 3:
Filepaths... is this reversed?

Issue 4:
Text drawing in buttons, there's alignment code hardcoded... needs to  
be flippable.
Same for truncating rules of strings in Blender.

Issue 5:
Click in text button has very nasty code to detect which character is  

Issue 6:
Is increment/decrement button clicks the same still? Same for gesture  
(left = lower, right is higher value).

All in all, it'll needs someone with quite some time figuring out our  
UI code. It's unfortunately wrapped old sorta 90ies stuff here still.  
Might be only possible by cleaning and structuring code partially.


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On 15 Sep, 2011, at 17:33, xiangquan xiao wrote:

> After congcong made an advertisement about garlic in the blender- 
> nations,
> more and more volunteers come to contribute to the translation  
> program.
> However, Hebrew and Persian(Farsi) as well as Arabic are written  
> from right
> to left. We have disscussed this issue not long ago, but it seems a  
> little more
> urgent than I ever thought.
> Is there somebody working for this? Or at least any plan?
> I'd like to help on this, but I'm totally unfamiliar with these  
> languages,
> as well as the text rendering process :(
> Regards!
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