[Bf-committers] Cycles MinGW compilation

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Mon Sep 12 14:55:36 CEST 2011


It seems that localtime() in mingw may actually be thread safe
already? I couldn't find confirmation though.

Regarding strtok_r, the only reference to openimageio seems to be the
embedded ptex library. I've attached a patch that replaces it.


2011/9/12 Αντώνης Ρυακιωτάκης <kalast at gmail.com>:
> Hi everyone, I ve been working on getting cycles compile with MinGW lately.
> I've managed to get the compilation part right but I still run into linking
> issues: boost and openimageio. I have managed to get boost to compile under
> MinGW and got rid of the boost link errors but openimageio still has some
> problems. There are a few problems internal to MinGW: the lack of strtok_r
> function and localtime_r functions. So far I have made some progress
> substituting those with the strtok and localtime variants but since the
> former are supposed to be thread safe and the latter are not this does not
> look good. In addition, strtok_r is needed by ptex too so it will cause
> trouble when merging ptex too. It actually made me switch off ptex in onion
> GSOC project during the summer when on MinGW. So I thought I would ask for
> opinions on the matter.
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