[Bf-committers] Branch merging and buildbot - propose to change build cycle

Sergey I. Sharybin g.ulairi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 08:27:12 CEST 2011


Not sure having this behavior always is nice. It's not really needed 
when you aren't merging and when you're doing merge, you can trigger 
re-build easily. And there's no need to rebuild Windows build when 
you're solving issues with Linux platform.

About linux slaves.. Looks like there's no version of qsort with one 
additional argument to callback (like qsort_r and qsort_r) in older 
versions of libc. We've got two occurrences of this call - one in our 
navmesh_conversion.cpp and another in recast library.  This function 
isn't used in current raycast svn and i think it can be easily replaced 
with own implementation of qsort for navmesh_conversion.cpp.

Btw, why we've got C++ source in blenkernel? I heard it's because of 
recats is writtein in C++. But in this case we're writting C-API and 
storing it in extern/<library>/<library>_C-API.c.

Nathan Letwory wrote:
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> Hi all,
> With the recent amount of branch merging and the amount of post-fixing
> it generated, some of it due to different platforms in use by developers
> I'd propose to change buildbot to build more often, even on per-commit
> basis. This would allow developers to see pretty easy how their work
> behaves with all necessary logs available. We know that many developers
> turn of lots of features while working on their own beautiful little
> garden, sometimes resulting in clipping of nice flowers from other
> developers (blenderplayer, cross-platform code, etc.).
> Buildbot is running very well currently and gives useful output, but for
> developers the nightly cycle can be too long to wait for. Changing to
> build-on-change will make buildbot much more useful. Buildbot output
> should become mandatory part of toolset of developers, with the proposed
> change it will make actually sense too.
> /Nathan
> ps. right now linux builds both failed due to navmesh code (
> http://builder.blender.org/grid )
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