[Bf-committers] Blender developers IRC meeting notes, 11 september 2011

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 00:42:09 CEST 2011

>- What's status of TexFace properties migration? Dalai Felinto knows!
I was waiting for the dust to settle on decast/retour :) Originally I was
even waiting for after cucumber. But Daniel said they are still small bugs
with lighting there and I still want to other code maintainers to help
reviewing some parts of it.

That said, I'm doing a re-sync with trunk here, will do a last round of
tests and commit.
This will include subversion bumping (from 2 to 3), change in the
preview.blend and a popup when converting of materials fail (not a big deal,
but it will alert of of that for every file you have before you save them
with 2.59.3).

I'm hoping go smooth. After committing I will prepare a
code.blender.orgpost to orient artists.


2011/9/11 Ton Roosendaal <ton at blender.org>

> Hi all,
> Here's a summary of today's topics:
> 1) Next release
> - BCon schedule and targets:
>   http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Doc/Projects
> - What's status of TexFace properties migration? Dalai Felinto knows!
> - UI translation branch; in progress, Sergey Sharybin thinks it can
> make it this week. Some features are a regression compared to 2.4
> though (needs restart, no 'only tooltips'). The specifications need to
> be confirmed. Sergey checks with Brecht van Lommel if there's a
> solution to use RNA for translation directly.
> - Weight Paint GSoC branch: the functionality review was very
> positive. Campbell Barton offers to check the code, Sergey helps.
> Thomas can help with UI script if needed.
> Agreed is this only gets in trunk if non-intrusive and compatible.
> Otherwise it better moves to next release.
> - Reminder for people working on UI:
> http://www.blender.org/documentation/blender_python_api_2_59_2/info_best_practice.html#user-interface-layout
> - Branch merger of "recast & detour" went unlucky... after merger
> developer had to leave, leaving trunk unusable. Meeting agrees &
> confirms that anyone who does bigger commits should stay around for as
> long is needed to help fixing the immediate issues.
> - Ocean sim: Matt Ebb committed fixes, code needs to be uploaded for
> final review. Should be in our tracker by now? Review can now
> progress, target set for 2.61. Need to find reviewers too!
> 2) other projects
> - Nurbs Branch: Emmanuel Stone is back to help with it too. Needs to
> set it going, Sergey is available for it too!
> - Bug Tracker work: everyone with a projects.blender.org account can
> help reviewing bugs. It's a lot of work to do the initial "triaging".
> Several volunteers popped up to review new incoming reports to help
> making it clear cases for a coder to tackle.
> - BMesh: progress goes well, Campbell hopes to find more time for it.
> Ender added to team as bf-project member for BMesh commit access.
> - Cycles: Brecht focuses on UI/integration issues, also with 2.61
> getting closer.
> Thanks,
> -Ton-
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