[Bf-committers] i18n branch (garlic) review

Sergey I. Sharybin g.ulairi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 18:46:37 CEST 2011


xiangquan xiao wrote:
> 2011/9/8 Sergey I. Sharybin<g.ulairi at gmail.com>
> - Unnecessary checks in BLF_gettext. msgid shouldn't be NULL here and
>> msgid[0] != '\0' is faster than strlen(msgid)
> These checks didn't exist before, but once I got segment fault there because of NULL pointer. Then the checks was added, and errors gone.
I'd prefer to discover case when it's NULL. Looks more like exception 
which should be handled in callee function. IMO. Will check this.
>> - In BLF_lang_set(). I think setting locale to smth.UTF-8 should be called first. I.e. in my case locale ru_RU doesn't use UTF-8 codepage -- it uses ISO-8859-5. So i've got errors about invalid utf8 sequences in py scripts when setting locale to ru_RU.
> It's right. I took a look at the "Battle of Wesnoth", which tries set locale along with XXX, XXX.UTF-8, XXX.utf-8. So I wrote my code like this.
Hrm. Maybe it'll also fail here. Will check :) And probably it's just 
python codec issue -- maybe strings should be encoded from ISO-8859-5 to 
UTF-8 before passing them to python =\

Will check.
>> - Not sure about UI_GetStyle function. Looks liek something unfinished.
> I noticed that U.uistyles is a list of uistyles, but nowhere seems to choose one based on users' setting. Only in
>      source/blender/editors/interface/interface.c
> there is a line saying:
>      uiStyle style= *((uiStyle *)U.uistyles.first);    // XXX pass on as arg
> We just always use the first style.
> In an early version I load unifont as a uistyle after the default one, and use UI_GetStyle("Unifont") to get it if an utf8 language is in use. If only Latin characters are used, unifont.ttf will not be loaded. This seems memory saving.
> Later I remove this feature, because the language-selection dialog always needs utf8 fonts. The I just load unifont.ttf as the default uistyle, and UI_GetStyle() only return the first uistyle as before.
> Anyway, in my opinion, UI_GetStyle() is somewhere to get uistyle as users' wish, especially after font-selection feature added. If so, another field should also be added to the global UserDef.
Just tried to make changes more local. Probably it's ok to have this 
>> - Numbers+plurals
> ?
For example: "removed %d vertices". It'll be tricky to translate it to 
russian because of case. There was gettext stuff to deal with this 
situation.. Not really issue, just not perfect :) I was collecting all 
possible issues. I'll let you know when i remember this stuff..
>> - RNA_enum_items_gettexted. Can't it be handles on more lower level?
>> - RNA_types_init_gettext. Dislike list of structures, maybe we already got list of structs somewhere?
> In rna_XXX_gen.c, the properties are actually linked as lists. So I just played a trick, maybe ugly.
>> - WM_read_homefile(). Is it still have to be splitted?
> Yes, we still need to do these:
> 1. read user def
> 2. init language setting
> 3. init some UI components
> So 1 and 3 are splitted and 2 inserted.
Can't remember source now.. So issue that some UI stuff was made in 
WM_read_homefile ?
>> - Language is changing globally. So there's no way to translate only tooltips (like it was in 2.49)
> Add another mark, like T_("tooltip")? Switch off other marks( _ and N_ ), then only tooltips translated.
This can work, yes.

Was doing bug-tracker today, not much time for i18n. Will continue tomorrow.

With best regards, Sergey I. Sharybin

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