[Bf-committers] Weight Modifiers - Issues

Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.org
Thu Sep 8 00:49:48 CEST 2011

who "reviewed" the Vertex Weight modifer(s)?

IMHO this is totally rushed in and this is not what should happen. We 
agreed only on merge projects which are reviewed well, but on a first 
glance I see some problems with this.

1) Why 3 Modifiers?
I'd rather see 1 with different modes, imo.
This clutters the Modifier menu and really could be avoided. 1 modifier 
with different modes are much better (design wise).

2) The User Interface Code is not good, lots of columns instead of rows 
in the code. Why don't you look at the other Modifers in the python file 
and take them as an example. And we don't use assignment names such as 
col1 or col2. Maybe in the User Preferences (but this is a special case 
A column is used for elements underneath each other, not next to each 
other in a row. So don't use split.column if label or prop are in 1 row 
and belonging to each other. :) (weight_vg_mask function)

3) UI Design misuse:
What is that? Boolean check boxes concealed as Radio Buttons? 
This is wrapped as an enum, but I can select multiple ones, so either 
this is wrong or they should be wrapped as booleans.
Anyway this does not fit in the UI design.

I am sorry, this may sound a bit harsh and I don't want to offend 
anyone, but this is exactly what some people feared talking about the 
new release cycle, that not well tested/reviewed code gets into trunk .

Please fix the issues.

Best regards,

Thomas Dinges
Blender Developer, Artist and Musician


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