[Bf-committers] improved "Screencast keys" addon module

Jass gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Mon Sep 5 23:31:47 CEST 2011

Hi, all;

I have done a little bit of work to the screencast add on so that it
better fits my needs. The improved version is here:


It has following differences compared to the original:

1.) x,y are now in % instead of absolute pixel (0-100%)
- The mouse and the text can no longer be placed
outside the 3D view
- When i place the mouse near the center (54% is my
favorite value) then it keeps near the center when i resize
the window.

2.) I have separated the font size and the mouse size.
Benefit: I can make a huge font and keep the mouse small
at the same time.

3.) I have moved the attribute storage from the Window Manager
to the context.scene
Benefit: When i store my blend file, my screencast settings
get also stored. Not: I have kept the run status in the window
Manager because it make no sense to keep that persistent.

4.) I have renamed the attributes by prepending the string
"screencast_keys" to all of them. Such minimizing possible clashes
with other add ons, which might also use context.screen as
storage location.

5.) I have added a bit of code for a bounding box, but i disabled
that code by commenting it out. Maybe i want to improve the
Display a bit more later. On the other hand i guess it's better to not
add fancy stuff so that blender doesn't get slowed down ?

6.) I have also added the most recent patch (from nazgul?)
to avoid crashes.

I hope the modifications are somewhat usefull and i would be happy
if this small contribution is of value to some of you. Thank you to
all who have helped me to survive in the python cage ;-)


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