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Hi Douglas,

As much as I am aware of the state of these matters, the example you have provided isn't bad, just inappropriately written. Since Photoshop® is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated, their respective guidelines (ref. http://www.adobe.com/misc/trade.html) state the correct way of identifying the specific software should be:

"[...] using Adobe® Photoshop® software to edit 2d textures. [...]"

where this applies to its first and most prominent mention. For further details, please review the URL I have provided above. 

In fact I really doubt any company (or organization) would discourage the public use of their trademarks, brand names and taglines, since mentioning them brings attention to the relevant products (and therefore advertises them for free). Using such IPs in public posts however should be done right, and a careful read of the various EULAs and trademark guidelines will keep you safe (as much as boring and trivial as it might sound).

Maybe this is what Ton had in mind, calling for extra attention when starting this thread.


Bogomir Bogomirov

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> - Stay away from mentioning commercial packages in user/tech docs ever.
> - Document work in ways it shows the design process and ideas you
> explored

As an example say I just make a tutorial on youtube under xomagick and
said something about using photoshop to edit 2d textures. Is that bad?
I can stick to saying gimp from now on. Or is this not what you had in

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