[Bf-committers] NDOF still unusable

tehrasha at gmail.com tehrasha at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 03:45:18 CEST 2011

> > 3) button support for devices other than the Space Navigator which only  
> has 2.

> Hmm... This should already work from 2.59 forward. For GSoC 2010 I had  
> only
> the SpaceNavigator, but have since gotten the whole "family" of  
> 3Dconnexion
> devices. Have SpaceExplorer and Intuos4 with me now, so I'll be working  
> only
> with those for the next few months.

The only device I can get buttons to work with it is my Space Navigator.
While Blender does see button events with my serial devices, it only  
sends 'unknown button event' (or something like that) to the console.

Were you planning to create some kind menu to assign functions to buttons?
I can picture such an interface in my head, but have no idea how to code it.

I forgot that you were also working on tablet support as well. I will have  
to try it with my Bamboo.

> > I think Thomas and I have ironed out most of the spacenav issues with
> > antique spacemice as well.

> Yes, I followed your heroic efforts via the spacenav mailing list. Very  
> cool
> stuff!

I dont know about 'heroic'. I had the hardware and Thomas had the coding  
skill... and a great deal of patience.
The last time my fingers were typing code was back before C had ++ added to  
it. :)


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