[Bf-committers] Proposal for "View Docs" on Right Click

Harley Acheson harley.acheson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 22:30:37 CEST 2011


I don't necessarily disagree with you at all.   The way you are proposing
things might be ideal

I just find that when you start any job of grouping a large number of things
you inevitably find
all sorts of funny exceptions.  Items that need to belong to more than one
group.  Or you just
want to group the same items in a number of different ways simultaneously.

Once the items are combined on a page they can't be easily separated, but
when they are in
separate pages you can still recombine them (using includes, ajax, or
ifames, etc).

So you can put every item on a separate page, but then use your "one to
many" mapping file
to create these meta-pages and also to tell Blender which url to use.  At
the end of the day the
end-result seems the same.  However, someone else can create some other
method of grouping
items and create a different way of viewing things without disturbing yours.

I honesttly can't think of any great examples of this, but bad ones might be
list all items that
have changed since the last version.  Or view operators that are used in
some common way,
or are similar in some other way.

So again, I'm not saying your idea is flawed.  I just tend to want to keep
things in smaller parts
as this normally gives greater flexibility.  And since you can easily (and
dynamically) combine
those parts you shouldn't lose any functionality.  You can still have
exactly the 'one click for the
info you need' but allow yourself for other uses that might come up later


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