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Julian Adenauer julian.adenauer at zmms.tu-berlin.de
Tue Oct 25 20:20:59 CEST 2011

I found the solution now.

If anyone is interested:
The function "ComputeBestFitViewRect" in the file 
"RAS_FramingManager.cpp" is responsible for the positioning of the 
viewport. Setting the variable "left_over" to zero did the trick!


Am Mon Oct 24 13:53:23 2011 schrieb Julian Adenauer:
> I'm not sure if the list supports attachments. If not, the screenshots
> can be found here:
> http://julianadenauer.de/blenderplayer.html
> Julian
> Am 24.10.11 13:03, schrieb Julian Adenauer:
>> Hi developers,
>> I have a question concerning the alignment of the view in blenderplayer:
>> Currently, when I export a game engine runtime, the rendered game (in my
>> case it is defined to be square) is in the center of the screen (in
>> fullscreen mode, see "is.png" in attachment). What I need is the image
>> to be aligned to be on the left side (compare "should.png").
>> Since I am not really familiar with the blender sourcecode, it would be
>> great if someone could point me to where I can modify this behaviour.
>> The reason for why I want this is that I am working on integrating
>> blender with our 5-sided cave environment which consists of 2.5m x 2.5m
>> screens (thus the square image).
>> If you want more details:
>> I recently dicovered the BlenderCAVE project
>> (http://www.gmrv.es/~jgascon/BlenderCave/) which uses blenderplayer
>> runtime and seems to be a quite good possibility to combine our CAVE
>> system with Blender.
>> The problem is that our projection screens are quadratic which means
>> that only 1024x1024px of the 1280x1024px are actually displayed. This
>> results in a wrong alignment between the screens.
>> Rendering the image quadratic would fix this problem, but blenderplayer
>> centers this image in fullscreen mode. Since our projectors are aligned
>> to the left of the screen, this results in having a black bar on the
>> left side (in the corner of the CAVE).
>> Thank you!
>> Julian
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