[Bf-committers] Slow merges with recent changes

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 15:12:36 CEST 2011

This came up on IRC, just a hint to how I've done merges from recent
changes from trunk without having to sit there and resolve each
conflict manually (which is pretty much unworkable for recent changes)

--- in point form

* Ensure no local changes.

* Merge in steps (of 25 - 50), merge all small changes until you hit a
big change like 41227, then do...

# svn merge ^/trunk/blender . -r41226:41227 --accept=theirs-full

* svn revert  any branch conflicts (files that changed and don't exist
in you're branch)

* Use meld, or any other diffing tool can work too (I use mmeld, my
meld wrapper http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Ideasman42#mmeld
this way you can revert any edits line by line if you need to, and
only on files which have been modified)

* View final diff to ensure all changes are ok.

* Commit

- Campbell

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