[Bf-committers] Cleaning i18n code

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Wed Oct 19 23:00:15 CEST 2011


I’ve spent the last days working on i18n stuff, both py tools (I’ll talk 
about this on bf-translations-dev), and cleaning i18n usage in Blender code.

Here is the diff of my work: http://www.pasteall.org/25671/diff (it’s 
quite big, due to many small lines editing...).

I intend to commit this very soon (likely tomorrow thursday), unless 
some objections arise. :P

Current state
Right now, there are "memories" of the "old" (less than a month!) 
translation way:
* A few remaining calls to BLF_gettext() (only UI_translate_do_iface and 
UI_translate_do_tooltip should be used).
* The _() macro still also calls BLF_gettext()!

Here are the changes made by the patch:
* Removing the N_() macro (which was the "no action" translation marker).
* Redefining the _() macro to become the "no action" translation marker.
* Removing most N_() and _() calls, only keeping the few needed ones 
(i.e. strings that are in no other way findable by xgettext and/or 
update_msg script).
* Replacing all calls to BLF_gettext by relevant UI_translate_do_iface 
or UI_translate_do_tooltip one
* Removed for now the macros like TIP_ and IFACE_ defined in a few 
places. Imho, this should be done (defined) globally, or not at all.

All this somewhat clarifies and simplifies the code.
On the bf-translations scripts side, this only implies adding 
UI_translate_do_iface and UI_translate_do_tooltip as detection markers 
for xgettext.
It also allows to reduce POTFILES.in quite notably (only 23 files 
remaining in it).

I did not defined/used global macros like IFACE_ (for 
UI_translate_do_iface) and TIP_ (UI_translate_do_tooltip), because I’m 
not sure we would like to have them... Even though I’d personnaly would 
find them most handy! But anyway, it’s easy to do it later (only 
search&replace stuff).

Best regards,

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