[Bf-committers] From Farsthary :)

Raul Fernandez farsthary84 at yahoo.es
Tue Oct 18 02:08:15 CEST 2011


I saw with great pleasure your recent development on Dynamic Sculpting, as my lack of free time was preventing me to fulfill my promises with the Blender community that have helped me so much in the past and I never forget that, so I have being carrying with a conscience burden every day for not finishing Unlimited Clay. What I want to propose you is, if you agree, I can help you integrating UnlimitedClay features, since you have done most of the part that was limiting it (handling a dynamic PBVH). of course, I know you are more than capable to get there on your own (you know? when I started the UC project I was never thinking in getting it so far, all I wanted to do was to show a good technical demo to attract your interest as the main Sculpting dev so it would be integrated in Blender successfully as previously I got a great help from Matt Ebb and Jahka for the other projects that started also as technical demos :P ) and I even think it would not be
 necessary because from your current implementation it would be relatively "easy" to add dynamic detail like in UC, with all the respect the author deserves I consider the "constant edge length" in the Freestyle implementation an artificial limitation rather than a fundamental limitation of the algorithm, In LC I could easily fit the dynamic topology with the dynamic subdivision to any level without any problem because it was not a fundamental requirement of the dynamic topology algorithm. And I agree that the main limitation can be now the lack of neighborhood information in current Blender mesh data structure, that's why I have put my hopes on Bmesh in the past.

Please feel free to contact me at any time :)

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