[Bf-committers] Blender developer meeting notes

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Oct 16 18:05:45 CEST 2011

Hi all,

1) 2.60 release status

- Janne Karhu offers to add a last minute fix for Particle dupli- 
objects. This was broken in 2.58, the fix in 2.59 only supports X-axis  
aligned objects. His patch will support reliable orientation with  
Object axis options.
After long pro-con discussions it was decided to accept it.

- Also last minute: Bastien Montagne updates the new .po translation  
files in trunk, so the latest UI translations will be in release.

- As usual meeting agrees that all these last minute additions should  
have been avoided :) We try to get this process more predictable and  
better tested. Next time we do better (again)!

- We wait about 24 hours now for final show-stoppers. Tomorrow end of  
day EU time the call for release builds will be sent to this list.  
Wednesday daytime the official release then goes on the website.  
Thursday svn will then be open for regular work again.

2) Other projects, targets for 2.61

- Release planning and targets are here:

- Branches ready for merger:

- Ocean Sim has a reviewer now, Lukas Toenne volunteered to go over it.
User reports on usability/quality are welcome! Question is also  
whether the original devs are still going to be involved as  
maintainer, or should we appoint a new one?

- Targets for 2.61 are quickly becoming very impressive and  
complicated now. Let's not try to overdo this, and ensure all branches  
have reviewers assigned before BCon2, and get to trunk before BCon3  
starts. Planning proposal (with a month test/fix period):

BCon1: October 20 (define targets)
BCon2: October 30 (branches should be ready to go in trunk)
BCon3: November 15 (test/fix period)
BCon4: December 1 (first RC)

Release around December 15?



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