[Bf-committers] Forming a team for Video Editor

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Wed Oct 12 13:48:49 CEST 2011

Hi Fabio,

Apart from the mentioned other OS video editors, here's more;

http://www.openmovieeditor.org/  (stalled)

I understand coder's incentives well; the best code is always your own  
code! Everyone should write a ray-tracer once, and it seems video  
editors are close in the same category :)

Nevertheless; at this moment it's much more wise to join forces than  
to further seggregate. The OS community could really use a flagship  
industry-level video editor.

(And even though Blender rocks, our video editor is by definition  
limited... and meant mostly to have an integrated pipeline to edit  
your render work).


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On 11 Oct, 2011, at 14:15, Fabio Gonzalez wrote:

> Good day, I am developing a video editor and would like input from  
> several
> people, so we can start planning and preparing this editor. All
> contributions are welcome. I need experienced programmers in C and C+ 
> +.
> Willing to work with GTK and OpenCV (or another library if you  
> prefer). I
> have good knowledge in C and C++. I know about OpenCV, Pattern  
> recognition
> and topology.
> We appreciate the contribution!
> Thank you very much
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