[Bf-committers] Texture Paint/Sculpt Usability & Features Proposal

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu Oct 6 15:20:34 CEST 2011

Hi Julio,

Antonis mentioned this open email in irc to me.
I think we all agree there's actions to be defined in this area!

To me it seems there's a couple of steps we need to handle first though;

- get the GSoC paint projects reviewed/accepted
   (and figure out what the impact is of Jason's work)

- separate out feature requests from architectural changes
   (first fits in existing system/ui and can start work on, latter  
means new paradigms/ui or underlying code)

- come with general design spec for how all paint modes (3d paint,  
sculpt, 2d paint) should work, what needs to be improved here, and how  
to make a sane UI for that.

In order to get this going, it's also important to (re)confirm who the  
module owner team is for Paint/Sculpt in Blender.

Currently only Nicholas, Campbell and Brecht are listed here. The  
latter two are very busy in general :) Might be wise to formally add  
at least Antonis and Jason. This team should feel empowered to quickly  
switch in decisions for what's going to be added and how. Although I  
prefer to get a good big picture presented and accepted for everyone  

Last but not least; for a good UI proposal I'd check if William's  


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On 20 Sep, 2011, at 19:57, Julio Iglesias wrote:

> Hi,
> First of all, let me state I'm not a coder, I just use Blender on a
> daily basis so this ideas don't come out of a whim.
> I'm currently working with Bartius Crouch on "Texture Paint Plus"
> script, but there is stuff he can't do with python.
> So, let me cut to the chase, here is a post with some basic  
> suggestions:
> http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?thread.php213816-your-wishlist-for-paint-tools&p=1843653&viewfull=1#post1843653
> The idea with the GUI changes is to integrate and simplify the access
> to common stuff as right now is way too scattered.
> But priority in my humble opinion as a user would be to add the next  
> features:
> - 4 (angle brush dynamic, with random and rake/direction options, same
> as in sculpt)
> - 6 (texture independant alpha masks)
> - The ability to choose any new created image on the image editor as
> mask (without having to save and load into a material!) plus a quick
> system to load a number of textures through a file browser, i.e.(nº5):
> http://zafio.com/tmp/blender/tpaint_mockup/sculpt_gui_integration.jpg
> (also some of the ideas there could be implemented in texture paint
> modE)
> - 8 (color dynamics that would also affect brush textures)
> That would be just the basics. If you want I can elaborate on why are
> those features needed, usability details, etc...
> If the ideas are accepted in this board, I would be willing to take
> care of funding the development, either from my pocket or via
> crowdfunding.
> I also have the initial interest from Psy-Fi to code it, although he
> humbly admited there was better candidates, but it looks like everyone
> he recommended is busy as hell.
> So if any of you reading this is also able and interested to implement
> it, let me now!
> Regards.
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