[Bf-committers] FW: Proposal: Object creation

Yousef Hurfoush bat3a at msn.com
Tue Oct 4 16:38:21 CEST 2011

> It would be simpler to add the missing python wrapper for 
> modifiers (if any are missing) than hacking the operator system to do 
> something it's not meant to.
> Modifying existing python scripts for the new api should be easy.

ok i'm not a dev, but couldn't just watch :)
i use maya , max , xsi and the simplest way of the three is max's way

after creation the object will be locked in a modifier with it's creation params
for this to be useful we need another modifier (mesh editing).
this way you can edit and go back to changing the params
and you can eleminate the modifiers (object, mesh) by applying

now scripts can create any object and use some operator to apply to mesh level
or having a flag on creation for adding the modifier to the stack

i'm not saying it's the best way, maybe blender will out-thinking those ways

Yousef Harfoush


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