[Bf-committers] Proposal: Object creation

Thomas Volkmann thomas at heulfritze.de
Tue Oct 4 12:42:20 CEST 2011

hhmmm.... would it be possible to animate these parameters then?...  just a
Maybe handle stuff like this as a modifier? (Thats the Softimage way btw...they
call it operator, but it's basically the same)

michael williamson <michaelw at cowtoolsmedia.co.uk> hat am 4. Oktober 2011 um
12:29 geschrieben:

> On 04/10/11 11:19, Thomas Volkmann wrote:
> > Maybe the sphere wasn't the best example...I'll try another one:
> > Torus-knot-addon. You have to decide what it should look like the instant
> > you
> > add it to your scene. If you want to change it after you added other stuff,
> > you
> > have to completly redo it :/
> >
> Hmm, esoteric ;)
> I'd say box/sphere are the classic examples.
> The old python based redo for addons coped with that, as long as you
> hadn't entered edit mode on that object..
> My point boils down to:
> Entering edit mode is a clear "statement of intent" that you want to
> hand edit the mesh so you shouldn't have to do something else to be able
> to do that.
> Adding a cumbersome "convert" step to cope with the (in my view) rare
> case that you have a primitive knocking about your scene that you decide
> much later to edit seems to be the wrong solution...
> Talk to Meta androcto about the python "add" implementation and why it
> was removed.
> Besides, a power user in that rare case will just snap the cursor to the
> old primitive and ADD a new one...  or just add a new primitive
> elsewhere in the scene and share the mesh data...
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