[Bf-committers] Antw.: Extending bcon3 for a few days

Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.org
Wed Nov 30 15:30:13 CET 2011

Extending until the weekend is ok.

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Betreff: [Bf-committers] Extending bcon3 for a few days
Datum: Mi., Nov. 30, 2011 15:09

Hello everyone,

There are some things Keir and me are wanting to be in trunk before 2.61
release. It's related on solid rock basics for 2D tracking. Currently, both
SAD and KLT are failing a lot and gluing them together would help a lot.
Keir is currently gluing them together, but patch isn't ready for commit.
It should be ready until Saturday PET time.

We discussed this Ton and he's ok with extending merge period.

What other developers thinks about this? Are there somebody definitely
against allowing solid basics be commited before freezing in this release

With best regards, Sergey Sharybin
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