[Bf-committers] About return removed 'partially working' functionality

Mikhail Raisler mirahal at ya.ru
Tue Nov 29 07:57:49 CET 2011

Hi, my name is Mikhail Raisler, I'm a professional cg artist working in a studio making jewelry design in blender.

Not so long ago Martin Poirier wrote: "If it was broken in a predictable fashion, I wouldn't have any issue with documenting it and leaving it there..."
And now I thought may be you (or Campbell or someone else) can return one little feature broken in a predictable fashion?

I'm talking about showing Duplifaces and Dupliverts in object mode with modifiers (we can see Duplifaces/verts with modifiers only in edit mode now).
In early 2.5 alphas there was bug report (I trying to find it but get failed) saying that duplication objects showed not correct with array modifier in object mode.
And someone just removed this feature to close bug report.
Back in that time before feature removed I fix that adding a mirror modifier (with disabled mirroring) in to a beginning of the modifier stack, if I do that duplication going right in object mode but get broken in edit mode.
I just turned on and off mirror modifier depends in which mode I worked.

This feature broken predictably and it's the ONLY way in blender to duplicate a lot of objects without distortion on curve or surface with parametrization.
So guys, can you please return this feature?

Count on you.
Mikhail Raisler

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