[Bf-committers] Blender developers IRC meeting minutes, nov 27 2011

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Nov 27 17:24:34 CET 2011

Hi all,

Here's the summary of today's meeting:

1) Blender 2.61 progress

- Testbuilds are available online now:

- Wiki release log in progress:

- Some reports came in that systems without SSE2 don't run latest  
Blender anymore. Appeared to be in libmv - Sergey will check and fix.  
Blender has runtime support to switch back to non-sse for old hardware.

- Long discussion started what kind of older HW would be not supported  
anymore... where do we draw the line? Seven years, 10 year old hardware?

- Lukas Toenne has patch for improved render pass for AO and Shadow.  
These passes should use white (color 1 1 1) to denote "no effect". Ton  
is only OK to add this with warning... the issues are in shaders, not  
in the pass code. Better for after release?

- Campbell proposes to add new option for equirectangular skymaps like:
   Code is trivial. Can be after release.

- Sergey notes two improvements that will go to tracker tomorrow:
   (1) Camera solver now will lock the interface
   (2) Added presets for default tracking parameters

2) Other projects

- BMesh makes progress (works for Cycles, Ocean Sim + server fixes).
   Ender now works on docs, Campbell will mail proposal for acceptable  
feature set for merger.

- Question from Ton: when is OpenCL compositor project going to our svn?

That's it for now, thanks!


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Blender Institute   Entrepotdok 57A  1018AD Amsterdam   The Netherlands

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