[Bf-committers] requesting reversion of 41550 despite downsides

Martin Poirier theeth at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 27 15:49:36 CET 2011

If it was partly working, I'd agree, but it isn't.

The behaviour depends on the order of the vertices in the mesh and their distances to the selection.
It's even more unpredictable when area of influences crosses the symmetry plane.

If it was broken in a predictable fashion, I wouldn't have any issue with documenting it and leaving it there, but as it stands, even if you think you understand what the limitations are, you don't, I assure you.

The way x-mirror is implemented needs to be overhauled for this to be fixed in any shape or form. There's is no quick and dirty fix that won't make it broken in another unpredictable fashion.

Like I told Daniel last time, reenable this in local builds at your own risk, but I'm very much set against shipping unpredictably breaking feature. The fact that xmirror is disabled when pet is on could be better documented though. It could even be the reverse (disable pet when xmirror is on) if the consensus is that this would be better (break workflow less, be less surprising, ...).


 From: Bassam Kurdali <bassam at urchn.org>
To: bf-blender developers <bf-committers at blender.org> 
Sent: Saturday, November 26, 2011 7:02:25 PM
Subject: [Bf-committers] requesting reversion of 41550 despite downsides
Hi all,

removes 'partially working' functionality from blender. And breaks
stnndard workflow for facial rigging. In the past even though this
feature had problems, It was still used by many to create symetrical
shapes; some points about this:

-after mirror modifier has been applied
-symmetric; vertex groups will be later used as masks for left and right
-working on only one half of the shape is no good, you need to see the
total symmetric one, and use the vertex groups to blend, otherwise, you
get bad blends of left and right.
-working point by point really, really kills when doing shapekeys.
Rigging already takes too long.

this feature/workflow is present in almost any animation application.
Simply removing it from blender is, well, a bit a extreme in my opinion.

usually if you avoided crossing the mirror line with the proportional
circle you were pretty safe; weird things only happened close to the
line, at which point we turned it off. This was better than what we have
now: not having it all.

Can we have it back? pretty please? I know custom builds are possible,
but... if we want remove partially buggy features from blender, we'd end
up removing most of the program ;) - we have transform / offsets that
break in many 'corner cases' , drivers that don't update (due to missing
dependency graph fixes), python bugs, etc. The reaction isn't to remove
transform/drivers/python from blender - oh, and please, don't take that
as a suggestion ;)


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