[Bf-committers] Display modes for 3D-View from user perspective

Julio Iglesias j at zafio.com
Thu Nov 24 17:46:02 CET 2011

I agree, it is a mess right now. Personally I would love something like


As for key mapping, imho, it would be nice to use SHIFT+Z to switch between
all texture shading options (texture, tex solid, shaderless, and GLSL)
Also, ALT+Z would switch between wireframe and whatever Texture Shading
mode is currently selected.
Same goes for "Z" switching between wireframe and any solid shading is


On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 1:32 AM, Tobias Oelgarte <
tobias.oelgarte at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I noticed some recent changes on how blender renders the content inside
> the 3D-View and at first i thought that it would be a bug in the current
> revisions. So I opened a bug report after some curious postings inside
> blendpolis.de (a well known German community website/forum for blender)
> regarding this recent change. One of the first problems was to figure
> out how to get a shadeless textured view onto a model. Even after
> several tries nobody found a solution. Inside the bug report Brecht
> mentioned that this change was intentional and not a bug. To achieve the
> essential view for texturing/painting the user will now have to move all
> lights to a separate layer and he is forced to hide this layer. Only
> then you will get back to usual shadeless view for texturing. So far the
> current situation.
> As I was continuing my work on a model it just felt wrong. I have lights
> spread out on multiple layers and I need this shadeless textured mode
> for projection painting. So what i had to do now? I had to disable all
> light layers (Shift+Click) to be able to continue the texturing and for
> a simple test render i had to enable all this layers again. The problem
> is, that i have to continue all steps over and over again, which simply
> isn't fun anymore. So I was soon forced to step back and to use an older
> version, in which i can just switch from solid to textured for
> painting/texturing and from there to GLSL to get a rough preview.
> I think that the current solution is neither suited for beginners (even
> long time users are confused or annoyed) and the additional draw types
> (e.g. solid shaded textured view or plain OpenGL-Lights Multitexture)
> seem pretty useless to me, i came up with two ideas to make the best out
> of it.
> Option #1:
> Add an additional checkbox under "Textured Solid", to disable all lights
> and enforce the shadeless, textured mode. It would at least provide a
> convenient way to switch between texturing (as a working step) and the
> GLSL preview.
> Option #2 (I would prefer it over #1):
> Remove this options and reduce the display modes to the following set of
> options:
> 1. Bounding Box (not affected by anything currently found under the
> GLSL/Multitexture/Singletexture option inside the 3D-View properties)
> 2. Wireframe (as previous mode not affected)
> 3. Solid view (Keep it solid, no textures, the typical view for modeling)
> 4. Only Textures, no Shading. (the typical view for texturing/unwrapping)
> 5. Only Shading, no Textures. (uses GLSL for lighting, but does not
> utilize textures or nodes, fast/rough preview for lighting in scenes,
> could be useful for sculpting)
> 6. Full GLSL (fast preview)
> Any other combination did not make much sense to me in the usual
> workflow. Why not reduce the display modes to this set of options,
> instead spreading them over multiple locations (3d-view toolbar, 3d-view
> properties under "Display") or making them even depend on (in)visible
> lights/layers?
> Best wishes from
> Tobias Oelgarte
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