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another +1

 for me too actual way of usig color wheel simply drive me  crazy!

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+1. It would make me very happy!

Jonathan Williamson

On Nov 21, 2011, at 3:25 PM, François T. <francoistarlier at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yet another one :/
> I have been trying to do lots of grading lately in Blender, and lost half
> of my hairs, so here is my proposal to make it (yes IMO, I know) more
> confortable
> *1 - where ever I click on the color wheel (CW), the mouse jump to cw cursor
> *
> right now its the other way around. While I understand it makes it easier
> to quickly change to a total different color, it makes it almost impossible
> to fine tune the current color.
> *2 - precise mode by default *(perhaps with a logarithmic curve on the
> mouse ?)
> This might be just a color grading thing, but again I find myself more
> looking for the color I'd like surrounding the current one, rather than
> totally jumping to a total different one. So pressing the shift key is a
> bit annoying
> *3 - When releasing the cw cursor the mouse jump to it*
> Yet I believe that would be solved by its own if the first step was done.
> But just to notice how annoying this behave right now. Especially since you
> have to release the cw cursor to see the new values being updated in the
> viewer. you would find yourself to click drag release, click drag release,
> click drag release. But since the mouse doesn't move to the new location,
> you keep going back to the previous color (grrrrr). So you have to think
> about moving the mouse as close as possible to the cw cursor which makes
> fine tuning IMPOSSIBLE.
> 4 - *having a Hue saturation wheel when in HSV mode* (not a big deal, just
> makes it easier to see what you are doing a makes more sense IMO)
> - Making everybody happy
>   - click far from the cw cursor makes it jump to the mouse position
>   - click close to the cw cursor makes the mouse jump (snap) to it
>   - when releasing the cw cursor the mouse postion gets the cw cursor
>   (that with the two above makes click-drag-release not so painful)
>   - (mode selfish ON) pressing shift turn off the precise mode ? 8-)
> cheers,
> F.
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