[Bf-committers] Color wheel proposal

François T. francoistarlier at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 22:25:08 CET 2011

Yet another one :/

I have been trying to do lots of grading lately in Blender, and lost half
of my hairs, so here is my proposal to make it (yes IMO, I know) more

*1 - where ever I click on the color wheel (CW), the mouse jump to cw cursor
right now its the other way around. While I understand it makes it easier
to quickly change to a total different color, it makes it almost impossible
to fine tune the current color.
*2 - precise mode by default *(perhaps with a logarithmic curve on the
mouse ?)
This might be just a color grading thing, but again I find myself more
looking for the color I'd like surrounding the current one, rather than
totally jumping to a total different one. So pressing the shift key is a
bit annoying

*3 - When releasing the cw cursor the mouse jump to it*
Yet I believe that would be solved by its own if the first step was done.
But just to notice how annoying this behave right now. Especially since you
have to release the cw cursor to see the new values being updated in the
viewer. you would find yourself to click drag release, click drag release,
click drag release. But since the mouse doesn't move to the new location,
you keep going back to the previous color (grrrrr). So you have to think
about moving the mouse as close as possible to the cw cursor which makes
fine tuning IMPOSSIBLE.

4 - *having a Hue saturation wheel when in HSV mode* (not a big deal, just
makes it easier to see what you are doing a makes more sense IMO)

- Making everybody happy

   - click far from the cw cursor makes it jump to the mouse position
   - click close to the cw cursor makes the mouse jump (snap) to it
   - when releasing the cw cursor the mouse postion gets the cw cursor
   (that with the two above makes click-drag-release not so painful)
   - (mode selfish ON) pressing shift turn off the precise mode ? 8-)



François Tarlier

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