[Bf-committers] Compositor migration

j.bakker at atmind.nl j.bakker at atmind.nl
Sun Nov 20 18:31:48 CET 2011

Hi all!

We would like to discuss the migration strategic for the compositor.

Actual state of the compositor is that the new engine is finished except
for some OpenCL testing. The new kernel also needs a different way to
implement nodes. This means that all nodes needs to be migrated to the new
system. The code is available from a gitorious branch and documentation on
architecture and 'technical' design is available.

Here lies an opportunity to get familiar with the new system, or with
compositing development in general. Many nodes already have a simple
implementation but they need to be reviewed.

In our opinion the best option is to migrate the new compositor engine next
to the current engine in trunk, implement a switch between the two engines.
The new engine will be marked 'experimental' and default not active.
Second best option is to make the new compositor a technical target of
Mango. This has not been discussed officially with Mango.
The other two options (not our preferable) is to use a different branch and
with the goal to perform the node migrations. After this is done it could
be merged with trunk.

Our preferred options are based on the (expected) activity in these
branches. More people will be available to help out.

We especially want to discuss what approach suits best and who wants to
help out with the migration of the nodes.
We need several people with different skills. Process of migrating a node:
1. select a node (list needed on wiki.blender.org)
2. design the solution by review similar nodes. The design will be the
design of the node and its operations. (operations can be reused)
3. get approval of the design
4. Implement the node.
5. Test and document the changes in the node

http://ocl.atmind.nl/doc/index.html documentation of the project.
https://gitorious.org/blender-compositor/blender gitorious branch

Jeroen & Monique
 - At Mind - 

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