[Bf-committers] Are "UV Texture Layer" and "UV Layer" synonyms for "UV Map" ?

Αντώνης Ρυακιωτάκης kalast at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 14:30:35 CET 2011


On a recent introductory workshop I made I realized how weird and
confusing the current workflow with uv textures is, especally when it
comes to texture painting. For example try explaining to a novice that
what they see as a texture on an object in the viewport could depend
either on the uv layer (which must be set by doing the round-trip to
editmode->uv editor->set texture,) or the material (if you have GLSL

I can't describe the glares of miscomprehension coming from the
audience but I am sure you can easily get the idea.

Intuitively the 3D viewport should show the material texture and show
a different one when texture painting. Uv editor should be used just
for preview of images on a given uv layout. This is of course just one
take on the matter. Maybe people would like a way to, for example
preview images on a model in the 3D view. Again, in my opinion, the
round trip to image editor to set the image and back is unnecessary.
Note that it is also possible to set a different material with
different textures on different faces. I don't see why it's necessary
to be able to assign different textures for faces as well since there
is already one mechanism, albeit marginally more complicated ( though
not more intuitive! ), to do the same thing.

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