[Bf-committers] Node angles are now in radians, baware if using mixed trunk/official versions pipeline

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Sun Nov 13 19:06:29 CET 2011

Hi, I just committed a patch to svn, fixing [#29151] rotate node wrong 
input (mixing up radians and degrees).

Angles in nodes have just been moved to consistent Radians values (ANGLE 
subtype of RNA Float property). You will still see them as degrees in 
the GUI, though, unless you chose otherwise in Scene properties, Units 

Conversion from degrees to radians for old files is obviously done at 
loading time, but if you use a mixed pipeline of trunk and releases, be 

WARNING! Loading a 2.60.4 file (or higher) into any previous version of 
Blender, your angles in nodes will have odd values (well, radians 
interpreted as degrees)!

And if you save such file in a pre-2.60.4 version, the angle node values 
will be converted again when loaded in Blender 2.60.4 or higher...

This affects following nodes:
* Compo: Rotate, Defocus, ChromaMatte, Glare and DirectionalBlur
* Shader: Mapping
And all future code using the TexMapping struct’s rotation part (its rot 
member is now in radians).

Best regards,
Bastien Montagne

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