[Bf-committers] Are "UV Texture Layer" and "UV Layer" synonyms for "UV Map" ?

Jass gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sun Nov 13 16:32:38 CET 2011

I located following terms in Blender and Blender documentation:

UV Layer
UV Texture Layer

And it looks a bit like the terms sometimes get mixed up.
I scrolled over different areas in the Blender-GUI and i found:

in Image editor:

- Export UV Layout

In Object properties (texture section)

- Mapping -> UV

In Object Properties (Object Data Section)

- UV Texture
- UVTex (default name of new UV texture)
- "Add UV Texture Layer" (in tooltip)

In Modifer (UV Project Modifier)

- UV Layer
- UV Layer name (tooltip)


After trying to identify the differences between the above mentioned terms
I derived the following definition for these terms. Please can you tell me
if this is correct, or clarify where i am wrong ?

UV Map: Map which relates the faces of a mesh to areas on a 
2-dimensional image.**
UV Texture Layer: Synonym for UV Map
UV Layer: shortform of "UV Texture Layer"
UV Texture: A texture which needs a UV Map to be projected on the 
surface of an Object


If the first 3 terms are indeed synonyms, then i propose to replace them 
by one single term.
I think "UV Map" would be the one to use and then we have only:

UV Map      ( a map between faces on an object and corresponding 
locations on a 2D image)
UV Texture  (an image that uses a UV Map)

what do you think about this ? If i am right then
this change would make it much easier to understand UV texturing with 
Blender and it
would become much easier to explain it...

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